Hunk of the Day: The Not-Gay Kevin Jonas

Married to a woman or not, Kevin Jonas has always struck me as rather, well, homosexual. My gaydar (admittedly faulty in so many ways) went off like a metal detector grazing Ugly Betty’s mouth whenever I saw him in an interview. Though I have yet to see the new reality series he has with his wife, I’ve been told by some FaceBook friends that he is just as gay on that show as I’ve always surmised. Of course, this is all in good fun, and I’ve never been right about calling people out on being gay (well, except in the cases of Ricky Martin and Anderson Cooper…)

(Nothing awkward about this kiss, at all.)

Mr. Jonas – one of the Jonas Brothers – wore his purity ring and maintained his virginity until his wedding night. Now, however, he tells Chelsea Lateley that he has lots and lots of sex (while wearing a suit straight out of my closet.)

I love a man who loves a Louis – or two.

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