Hunk of the Day: Skip Montross

He jokingly challenged me as to why he had not yet been named Hunk of the Day since he had dined with me over the years as well (I think he felt the heat of Adrian Grenier) so this hunky honor goes to my friend Adam “Skip” Montross – the webmaster of all that you see before you. An unconventional choice perhaps, but surely no more unconventional than Christian or Liev Schreiber. And sometimes, doing good in the world ups the sexy factor tenfold, and Mr. Montross certainly does more than his fair share of good. I won’t extol his attributes lest his head get any bigger, but I will say that he’s a doting father, a loving husband, and a dear friend. He’s also one of the staunchest straight allies I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, a man of integrity and honor who stands behind his convictions more than I ever could.

Be sure to check out his DaddyDad Blog – not only for witty insights into his life as a stay-at-home Dad, but some pretty incredible writing too.

PS – Hands off, ladies (and gentlemen) ~ Skip is happily married to my good friend Sherri, who is no doubt rolling her eyes at this selection of photos exhibiting her hubby’s DILF factor. (It was the best I could do!)

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