Hunk of the Day: Michael J.D. Warner

Is it possible to be professional and sexy at the same time? The Hunk of the Day, Michael J.D. Warner, is a sterling example of how to do both, managing the nifty hat-trick of maintaining a sexy sense of self, while operating in an equally-successful professional capacity. To limit us to one or the other is to illustrate a lack of vision. Mr. Warner is the CEO and founder of GroupG3, a network created “to promote closer relationships and ties between LGBT leaders across industries and across global regions, and to enable the collective strength, knowledge, and influence to advance the rights and living standards of the LGBT global community.”

In addition, Mr. Warner also snapped some of the assorted photos seen here at one of my favorite hotels, The Out at NYC. As someone who’s often been lambasted and ridiculed for posting similar photos in that very hotel (here, here, here, and, well, here and… okay, here) I admire Mr. Warner’s refusal to tone it down for the prurient or close-minded. This is the future – get over your hang-ups now or get left behind. It is possible to be sexy and successful. (You’ve heard of Madonna, right?)

And while I’ve professed to hate cel-phone-in-the-mirror shots, there’s something to be said for those who do them with a wink and a smile, and a sense of exuberance and fun that makes up for said cheesiness. Oh, and a body to-die-for doesn’t hurt either.

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