Hunk of the Day: Jose Llana

jose llana 1001

Fresh off our ‘Here Lies Love’ afterglow, the Hunk of the Day is Jose Llana, who stars as Ferdinand Marcos, and shows off a toned physique in an eye-popping swimsuit scene (that alone was worth the price of admission.) Mr. Llana is a native of the Philippines, representing pinoy perfection and the ageless beauty of our people (and most Filipinos age quite well).

I still remember when one of our cousins was visiting a few years ago. He spent a number of days with us, and my brother and I hung out with him because he seemed to be about our age. As he was about to depart, I said something about our ages, and he asked how old I thought he was. “Eighteen, nineteen?” I guessed, completely earnest and honest; he looked that young. I was floored to hear that he was 41. I was holding out hope that I would be so lucky, but the quickly expanding field of gray on my head is making it all but impossible.

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