Hunk of the Day: Danny Glam

danny glam 100

Daniel LaRiviere takes his stage name (Danny Glam) from the simple fact of all his glamour. It’s a sparkly coat of armor he wears so the world stays at bay, and in a constant state of adoration. We love our glam guys here, so his christening as Hunk of the Day was a pre-ordained hole-in-one. A recent transplant to New York, he seems to have found his ideal home: “I’ve been able to meet some incredible people and have been afforded many great opportunities. I’ve recently been on the other side of photoshoots, being shot by photographers and being exposed to the expression of self confidence through photography. I’m always flattered when asked to be a part of a shoot. It’s been so great to assimilate myself to New York City. I feel like it’s where I’ve always meant to belong.”

Here he is doing what he does best: glamming it up in high, sexy style.

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