Hunk of the Day: Henry Cavill, The Naked Superman

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your next Superman – Hunk of the Day Henry Cavill. He’ll be slipping into that unforgiving suit sometime this summer, but in case you can’t wait to see what that skin-tight ensemble will disguise, here he is shirtless and, finally, naked. It should go without saying at this point that I much prefer him with some fur on his chest. Like Chris Evans, he can do both, but I hope he eases up on the razor. We each have our peccadilloes.

Along with former Hunk of the Day Mr. Evans, a few other furry men have graced these pages in the past, and perhaps we should link them here for your male eye candy enjoyment: Jon HammBen Cohen, Mark RuffaloDylan McDermottLance Parker, Andy Cohen, Shayne WardJosh Wald, Colby Keller, Brett GleasonEric AlánSacha Harding, David ShillingtonEliad Cohen, Jason Statham, and Scott Caan.

But before you click away on those guys, finish scrolling down. Henry Cavill and his naked ass are the kind of happy ending you don’t want to miss.

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