Hunks of December

Because the only thing that keeps some of these days warm is the promise of a proper Hunk of the Day. A number of shirtless men have graced this blog in Decembers past, and here are a few of the highlights, starting with Bond Boy Daniel Craig.

It’s not just the guys in the square cuts that get the notice though, especially when someone like Ronnie Kroell takes them all off.

Lesve it to December to bring up the rear, as in Tom Brady’s virgin Hunk crowning.

Ryan Phillippe had his share of bottom-posing too.

Tom Daley as a sexy Santa, waiting beneath the mistletoe.

Don’t go, Ngo.

The end of the year, and the End of the Year.

Male nudity on video.

Adam Lambert hits just the right Chord, shirtless.

Harry Hotness.

Ready Eddie.

Rarin’ Darren.

And an Immaculate Collection.

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