Hunk of the Day: Jake Shears, Shorn Again

jake shears nude 001

Certain Hunks are so multi-faceted and sumptuously-gifted that one post as Hunk of the Day is not enough. Jake Shears is one of those illustrious gentleman, whose talent and skills are matched only by a body borne from hard work and dedication. His work as singer and song-writer has gone rather underappreciated – every single Scissor Sisters album has been genius – but those of us who know and adore him don’t mind that the collective masses have not yet caught on. More for the refined of us. His first Hunk of the Day feature showcased him a few years ago – this one shows you how far he has come.

Though it was released a few years ago, I’m newly-infatuated with their latest (last?) ‘Magic Hour’ album. ‘Inevitable’ is the theme for summer…

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