Hunk of the Day: Noam Ash

noam ash 101

Some Hunks of the Day are hot and sexy, while others are cute and adorable. Occasionally, a man comes along who manages to be a bit of all of the above, along with displaying an astounding mix of creativity and talent. Such is the package of Noam Ash, co-creator, co-writer and star of the ‘My Gay Roommate‘ web series. (Austin Bening is his partner-in-creative-crime.)

I love anything that fosters and finds fun in straight/gay friendships, and Mr. Ash manages to do so while being witty and entertaining. I defy anyone to watch just one ‘My Gay Roommate’ episode and not click on to the next – they’re that addicting. Mr. Ash can also be sexy as hell, as illustrated by the ‘Art of Manscaping’ video below. Taint it grand?

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