Hunk of the Day: Luke Watson

Some silly fads fade in meaning and intent, but others touch a deeper chord, especially when the support comes from an unexpected and unlikely place. Though my husband is a retired police officer, I don’t know too many other policemen willing to so openly and publicly declare their support for the LGBT community and the anti-bullying movement, but that’s exactly what happened in Toronto this past week.

Police Constable Luke Watson wanted to do something to raise awareness for the bullying that the LGBT community faces, but rather than simply Tweet about it, he went so far as to dye his hair pink. There is a more powerful meaning to the color than simple fabulousness: it references the The International Day of Pink, which originated in Nova Scotia when two high school students stood up for a gay peer who was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. That was in 2007. Today it is a Canadian anti-bullying and LGBT awareness event held on the second Wednesday of April.

This post salutes Officer Watson for his own charming way of showing support, and having the sexiness and guts to pull that shade of pink off. (And here’s hoping that Ellen DeGeneres gets him on her show, as he’s promised to keep the pink for six months if that happens. Hey, I’m all for it – I love pink!)

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