Hunk of the Day: Gareth Thomas


In an effort to highlight more gay hunks (which I think I’ve done rather well with Matthew Mitcham, Cheyenne JacksonBrett Gleason, Chris SalvatoreAustin Armacost, Wil Sabin and Jack Mackenroth…) I offer you Gareth Thomas. Mr. Thomas is a retired rugby player who came out in 2009, while he was still playing – a pretty remarkable feat. I quite agree with his statement that, ”I don’t want to be known as a gay rugby player. I am a rugby player, first and foremost I am a man.” Hard to argue with that – and if you’ve ever seen him in rugby action, this is not a man anyone would want to mess with. On the field, at least.

I can’t imagine the kind of fortitude it would take to come out on such a public level, and on such  admittedly-homophobic terrain. We’ve made great strides, thanks to the courage of men like Mr. Thomas. Hopefully one day soon it will be a non-issue.

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