Hunk of the Day: Olivier Rousteing

I love it when a fashion designer steps out from behind the scenes and takes off his clothes for a concept. Such is the case on this month’s cover of Têtu.  “It was my idea,” Hunk of the Day Olivier Rousteing said. “I wanted to show that being naked is one of the most chic things. It’s an expression of a concept.” This blog has always celebrated the naked male form, and leave it to the French to lead the way. “I was honest and sincere — I didn’t hide anything,” Rousteing went on to say. “I’m not getting naked to sell but to express myself. For me, that’s a sign of maturity.”

It helps that Monsieur Rousteing has the chiseled features and svelte body of a super model, but this Hunk comes with an equally impressive fashion resume. Currently the creative director of Balmain, Rousteing is a gloriously accomplished 25-year-old, who started out designing for Roberto Cavalli. (I won’t share what I accomplished by the age of 25.) Style and substance – you have to admire that in any individual.

I had heard so many controversial things about me these past years: oh he’s just a pretty boy, he’s cute, he’s French, he’s mixed race. Getting naked for me was a way of saying, ‘You think you know me, but if you really don’t, open this magazine where I speak about my childhood, my fears, my shame. It’s just me and my bracelets. I’m not hiding anything.’ ~ Olivier Rousteing


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