Busting My eBay Cherry


For years I have avoided eBay. Even when I needed something that could only be found there, I had to have Andy purchase it since I had neither PayPal nor an eBay account. Yet like cel phones and texting, I have finally given in to the masses, and last night I did my first eBay listing for this beautiful good-as-new Tumi mini messenger bag. It was purchased at the Copley Place Tumi store in Boston, MA, on a weekend where I needed something to hold my wallet and phone and keys because they were ruining the line of my summer pants.

As my first posting, I wasn’t sure what to write, so my brother had to help with how to set it all up, in exchange for a beef burgundy dinner (and rice and chicken broth for my niece, who also got to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special with Andy). At any rate, if you’re interested in bidding, check the bag out HERE. Hopefully this will be the start of unloading A LOT of things I no longer need. (And yes, that means the sparkly things… stay tuned.)


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