The Campari Orange

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A mystery cocktail handed down through generations, passed back and forth over whispered literary pursuits and unforced familial bonding, this is the Campari Orange. Shrouded in a cloak of conflicting proportions, this is one of those hard-to-break cocktails that should be made according to the wish and whim of the recipient. It’s quite simple, and while seeking out a spring signature drink for an upcoming gathering, I tend to err on the side of simple, particularly when crafting something en masse.

Legend loosely translates the ingredients as such: one part vodka, one part freshly-squeezed orange juice, half part Grand Marnier, and half part Campari. A citrusy slant of spring, given depth with the Grand Marnier, punch and color by its jolt of Campari, and sweet freshness by a squeeze of orange, comprises the Campari Orange – the perfect transition from winter to spring, and the promise of sun to come.

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