Hunk of the Day: Brent Ray Fraser

brent ray fraser 101

“Crowds of art enthusiasts gather in October 2012 at Chapel Arts, a large warehouse space in Vancouver, BC to watch a live, timed painting competition called Battle of the Brush. Brent Ray Fraser burst onto the stage like Rocky Balboa, ready to tackle the heavy weight champions, of the modern art world. As the half-time show, his unorthodox performance, aptly named PUMPED! left the audience in stunned amazement, as he knocked out Mike Tyson, Andy Warhol, and Jean Michel Basquiat, and beat himself to a pulp with gloves dipped in florescent paint.” ~ from the website of Brent Ray Fraser, Hunk of the Day

A guy who paints with his penis is a shoo-in for Hunk of the Day, and so we honor Brent Ray Fraser in this post. A courageous performance artist, Mr. Fraser is truly a Renaissance man, currently working on several books, a new clothing line and more solo exhibitions and live art performances. He can now add ‘Hunk of the Day‘ to an already-impressive repertoire.

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