Missing Part of a Martini

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Perhaps this is a question better left to the brilliance of FUSSYlittleBLOG, but does this look like a proper martini to anyone? It’s the paltry size of the martini served up at La Serre in Downtown Albany. (Not Downton Abbey, for the cajillionth time. So clearly not…) To me, I was slightly aghast when it was presented, but I gave the bartender the benefit of the doubt, figuring he did not know me, and he seemed preoccupied with the regulars.

When he poured the same stingy thing the second time around, though, I took it a little personally, posted it on FaceBook, and got the confirmation that it was basically unacceptable (from at least one bartender to boot). [Sigh...] I don’t mind the portion control, but I do feel slighted when you put it in such a large glass. No sense in drawing attention to your shortcomings, you know what I mean?

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